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Case Study 2 – IT Specialist

The Challenge

The company are the 7th busiest transport company in the UK with a throughput of 11.6m passengers in 2016.

CV Bay was chosen as the sole staffing supplier to recruit for a new 24/7 technical support operation consisting of 9 new positions.

We met the team, had a tour of the facility and created detailed job & person specification for each role and were required to conduct the first round of interviews at our office in Central Birmingham.

We then sat in on the final interview with the management team and helped in the final decision process.

The Solution

CV Bay discussed at length the operational requirements of the new team and went out to the market to search and select suitable skilled candidates.

We advertised the roles on all of the leading internet Job Boards in the UK as well as Social Media and created a targeted campaign. We also reached out to our extensive network of candidates built up over the last 10 years to ensure we targeted both the passive and active candidate audience.

After the initial CV screening process we conducted telephone interviews with over 100 candidates which led us to invite over 30 candidates in for face to face interviews. Of these 30, 9 were short listed for final interview and 3 were kept as reserves.

The Outcome

CV Bay sourced and placed all 9 roles within 1 month of submitting the tender. Our interview-to-placement ratio was 1:1, with all candidates we presented for final interview being offered the job and starting on the same induction day.

What they said

“Beyond our expectations! We are delighted with the quality of service from CV Bay. The speed and efficiency of the service and the overall professionalism has been second to none. Thank you!”