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FM Leadership

We specialise in recruiting top talent for critical roles in Facilities Management. Whether it’s finding the right Chief Operating Officer (COO) to lead your organisation or securing a skilled Pre-Construction Director to oversee project planning, our focus is on connecting you with exceptional leaders who can drive success in your FM operations.

Our rigorous screening process ensures that we match candidates with the expertise, vision, and leadership qualities needed to excel in these pivotal roles. Trust CV Bay to partner with you in building a team that fuels innovation, efficiency, and growth in the Facilities Management sector.

FM Management

We recruit top talent for crucial FM Management roles, ensuring our clients are equipped with the right expertise to streamline operations and drive success. Whether you’re in need of seasoned Operations Managers and Directors to optimise daily functions, Account Directors and Managers to foster successful partnerships, Technical Managers to oversee intricate facility systems, Project Managers to execute key initiatives flawlessly, or Facilities Engineers to provide comprehensive support, our tailored recruitment process is designed to match you with individuals who possess the skills, experience, and dedication necessary to thrive in the fast-paced world of Facilities Management.

With CV Bay, you can trust that your team will be comprised of industry-leading professionals committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of FM Management.


At CV Bay, we excel in sourcing talent for critical Mobilisation roles, ensuring a seamless transition for your projects from conception to execution. Our focus on recruiting Pre-Construction Directors and Project Managers revolves around finding individuals who possess the strategic foresight and project management expertise necessary to streamline the onboarding process and drive project success.

Whether you require leaders capable of shaping project strategies from the outset or detail-oriented managers to oversee implementation, our recruitment process is tailored to identify candidates with the right skills, experience, and commitment to ensure a smooth mobilisation phase.

Trust CV Bay to connect you with top-tier talent poised to make an immediate impact on your projects’ success.

Asset Management

We specialise in sourcing talent for Asset Management roles, we understand the pivotal role these professionals play in optimising asset performance and longevity within your organisation. Whether you’re seeking skilled Facilities Engineers or Building Services Engineers, we are dedicated to finding individuals with the expertise and commitment to effectively manage your valuable assets. Our recruitment process is tailored to identify candidates who possess a deep understanding of facility infrastructure and building systems, coupled with a strategic approach to asset management.

Trust CV Bay to connect you with top-tier talent capable of maximising the efficiency and lifespan of your assets, ensuring long-term success and sustainability for your business.

Quality and Compliance

We take quality and compliance seriously, especially when it comes to roles like Environmental Engineers and Fire Protection Engineers. We understand the importance of meeting industry standards and regulations to ensure safety and sustainability. Our recruitment process focuses on finding candidates who have the expertise and dedication to excel in these positions.

Whether it’s hiring Environmental Engineers to tackle environmental issues or Fire Protection Engineers to design and maintain fire safety systems, we’re committed to connecting companies with top talent who can uphold the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Business Improvement and Transformation

Our recruitment strategy for business improvement and transformation roles is centred on identifying dynamic leaders capable of driving positive change and efficiency within organisations. We understand the critical importance of strategic vision and operational excellence in achieving transformative goals.

Whether it’s finding a COO to oversee the entire operational spectrum, Operations Managers and Directors to optimise daily functions, or Project Managers to execute key initiatives, our process focuses on selecting candidates with the right blend of experience, skills, and innovation. With CV Bay, you can trust that we’ll connect you with exceptional talent dedicated to driving success and efficiency in your business improvement and transformation endeavours.

Specialised Engineering

We specialise in sourcing top talent for specialised engineering roles, covering a wide spectrum of expertise. Whether you’re in need of Electrical Engineers, HVAC Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Energy Engineers, Plumbing Engineers, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers or Security Systems Engineers, our recruitment process is tailored to identify individuals with the precise skills and experience required for your specific projects and initiatives.

We understand the unique demands of each engineering discipline and work diligently to match candidates who possess the technical proficiency and innovation needed to excel in their respective fields. With CV Bay, you can trust that we’ll connect you with top-tier engineering professionals dedicated to driving success and innovation in your organisation.