and social responsibility

At CV Bay Ltd our Corporate and Social Responsibility objectives aim to inspire our colleagues and communities to help individuals and the wider community, by ensuring we conduct our business as ethically and responsibly as possible.

CV Bay’s Corporate and Social Responsibility goals reflect the current global issues that require on going action such as sustainability, equality and fairness.

Key goals and our actions:

  1. Providing decent work and reducing the unemployment rate especially with regards to young people.

    Here at CV Bay Ltd we have engaged in partnership with a Government Approved Apprenticeship Scheme. Over the last 3 years we employed 6 apprentices, which enabled these individuals to start a training and development program along-side a permanent employment opportunity. Offering “real world” work experience and a regular income. This has been a huge success and some of our most valued employees have been engaged via this route.

  2. Working towards better health and wellbeing.

    Health and wellbeing in the workplace is very important at CV Bay. Getting the right work / life balance is reflected in our employment contract, whereby we offer flexible and home working, a casual dress policy and also access to an independent mental health counselling service through

  3. Gender equality through the empowerment of women and girls.

    Here at CV Bay Ltd we are proud to have Female leaders at all levels within the business from one of our Founders and Director to our Team Leaders. We also offer part-time and flexible working solutions to those who are juggling work and parenthood and also acknowledge and celebrate International Women’s Day on our social media platforms.

  4. Diversity and Inclusion. We support our employees and the wider community through our values.

    We offer respect, collaboration, understanding, integrity and fun in our workplace. We support each other and are proud to have created an inclusive working environment where individuals can succeed regardless of their background. We employ the same values with our clients. CV Bay’s ethos is “Honesty wins business”, whereby we strive to deliver excellence and build long term relationships based on trust.

  5. Supporting Charities through our core business activities.

    CV Bay Ltd has sponsored many well know National Charities and some lesser-known local community organisations. These include Children in Need “fancy dress fund raising days”, Save the Children “wear your PJ’s to workdays fund raising days, general fund raising for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and sponsoring a local youth Rugby team where we bought their much needed kit for them. More recently collections have been made to support the local NHS Workers during the pandemic, and one of our employees is about to do a sponsored Sky Dive raising money for a local care home. Our clients have also asked us on occasion to take part in their fund-raising activities whereby we have always been supportive of their causes.

  6. Sustainability: The business has committed to operate in an environmentally sustainable way. Our sustainable initiatives include:
    • • Bike to work scheme.
    • • Moving towards a paperless office and investing in a new cloud-based data storage solution. Recycling scheme.
    • • CO2 emission reduction through choosing cleaner and greener options.
    • • Waste management.
    • • Vehicle replacement policy moving to electric vehicles.
    • • Equipment audit.



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